Ali Zay Speaks

Can I Live

I think, think, talk and listen.

I wink, blink and toy with vision.

I search for the right means of the body I was given.

I compare this earth to a prison and yet I feel like an innocent criminal.

I think, I wonder.

I submit knowing I shall resurrect unto my owner.

I know that being god conscious isn’t enough.

I must act rational without trying to rush,

I bear witness to the ultimate judge,

I can’t guarantee for me its still enough,

I feel that my time is running out

I see the light behind the black cloud.

I pray to make it in time of the hour,

I have the taste of death in my mouth and its sweet and sour.

It’s sour because I don’t know if I’ve done enough and

It’s sweet because I know the struggles up.

I’m out.

Ali Zay