Ali Zay Speaks


I Cried Today

I from a place where, we all was once there

Inside the arms of a mother, who for 9 months she would suffer, whilst

creating a life inside a living creation

Soon to give birth to a child. The last was the estimation. Conceived

In the same place where bullets were being fired, a people oppressed to fulfil others desire.

Contractions, combat, suffocating, waters breaking. the calm before the storm.

desperation at the time

Mother would attend to Cries of hunger at night and the father would later to loose his sight.

Im from a place where you don’t know what you have,

A country that was ripped in half

A people that was oppressed like the blacks

A part of Africa that we can’t take back

A separation movement that grew

A frame of mind installed in you

I from a place where your not meant to make it

Your trapped if you attempt it

Your arrested if you take it

Your doomed if make it

Your labelled violent if you try fight it

Your wrong when your right

Your right where they want you.

Ali Zay