Ali Zay Speaks

Oppressed youth

Our voices go unheard in the positions above us,

Tell the children don’t vote and have no trust in the government,

Sanctions unprovoked by them and they govern us,

Why bother with them when they show is no love,

We have to rise above ye depth of urban decay,

As rising above is the only way,

We continue to pray and no play,

This game is unfair it’s all chase,

All chase and no catch? We’re caught and trapped,

Tis revolutionary pay back!

Go ahead a portray that and call it justice when you photoshop and change that,

So what do you want me to say back,

That I hate that?

It’s my life and there’s no way you can take that,


How do you expect me to respect you?

Your just mad because someone rejected you,

You didn’t understand the papers you signed,

Yet ignorantly signed,

Signatures signed, sealed, sent and souls sold,

To the man at the post with your weekly envelope similar to dole.

Ali Zay